Save Money And Eat Organic!


Food that tastes like it used to, freshly picked and packed then delivered FREE to your door.


If you long to feed your family top grade, chemical free, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, but resent being charged over-the-top prices then this could be the news you've been waiting for.


My name is Neil Stafford , and I'm pleased to announce that my company 'Direct Organics' has been so well received over the past six months, I'm expanding my service.


That's right, I'm opening the doors to invite new customers to try my 'Farm-Fresh Organic Fruit and Vegetables' Free to Your Door Delivery Service. 


Just take a look at some of the benefits my current customers are already enjoying:


  • Pesticide free - Means you can feed your family safely and without worry. 
  • Improved taste - Rediscover the true flavour of your food the way nature intended. 
  • Both Fruit & vegetables - Slash your time spent shopping at the local supermarket by letting me take care of all your fresh produce needs in one go. 
  • Best quality - We only use local growers, this way I'm able to personally select the very best seasonal produce and have it picked, packed and delivered to you in minimum time, with the added bonus of putting money directly back into our community. 
  • Free delivery service - Save yourself time, effort and money.  I will deliver straight to your North Island door (office or home) for FREE.    

To make things as easy for you as I can, and to keep prices as low as possible, I offer three box sizes to suit every need:


Box Size                                  Ideal For


Baby Box                                 Couples & Young Families

Standard Box                         Families up to Five People

Family Box                              Larger Families, Juicers and Vege Lovers


You can also make three changes to the standard box e.g. - more fruit, no onions and extra bananas. 


For more information on our great prices, fresh organic produce or free delivery service, email me TODAY on DirectOrganics@Xtra.Co.Nz